Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Very Mickey Birthday!

Saturday we celebrated Caleb's first birthday!  My labor of love was preparing for this party and wanting to make it special for my little man, as well as for everyone else who came to help us celebrate.  In an effort to save money, I was determined to make everything, this included a lot of printing, cutting, and glueing!  Here are some pictures to highlight the event.

 His birthday shirt...I did not make this!
 Smash cake, you can also kind of see one of the food labels behind the cake.  The plate we made for our anniversary this year, it is our birthday/celebration plate.
 Red velvet and Chocolate/Oreo cupcakes. The black trays were my $1 pinterest idea that was a great success!

Another picture of the smash cake.

 High Chair Banner and the birthday boys mickey ears birthday hat (which he would not have on his head.)
 Monthly pictures.  I got little clothespins and painted them and decorated them to hang the pictures with.
 Table decorations.
 Kids craft table: Make your own mickey ears and coloring pages.
 Behind us you can see the birthday banner.
Family picture!

We had a great time and Caleb was in a GREAT mood the whole time. 

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